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3600Plus Large Wire Wedge Bonder

Ideal for power hybrids, automotive modules, and solar applications.

Orthodyne added the latest in motion control technology and advanced software to the proven 3600 bonder to produce the fastest, most productive, large wire and ribbon bonder on the market - the 3600Plus.

The 3600Plus meets the most challenging advanced packaging requirements with technology that delivers high productivity, process stabiliy, low cost of ownership (COO) and the flexibility to grow with market demands.
Low Cost of Ownership
Speed: Low-mass bondhead and unique XY table design combined with high performance linear motors and advanced motion control technology result in the most productive large wire bonder on the market.
New Low-Maintenance Bondhead: Features a modular design that is easy to set-up and maintain resulting in higher uptime.
Enhanced PR: Enhanced third generation system (GSIII) offers accuracy and repeatability through a variety of powerful tools for virtually every device.
Enhanced Calibration & Diagnostics: User-friendly calibration and diagnostics software simplifies troubleshooting and machine calibrations.
Software: A GUI-based software structure offers simplified and user-friendly machine operation and sophisticated troubleshooting tools resulting in lower training cost and increased uptime.
Uncompromised Quality
Bond Process Monitoring (BPM): An optional BPM system monitors bond deformation and ultrasonic signal sample in real time. Suspect bonds are flagged and vital process information can be stored for evaluation.
Touchdown and Cutting: A high-resolution linear encoder measures the wire deformation with increased precision (0.5 micron), resulting in more reliable deformation data and higher accuracy during the cutting routine.
Active Loop Control (ALC) Bondhead: Available in Front- or Rear-Cut versions, the low-maintenance bondhead design provides excellent loop control and patented non-destructive pulltest capability.
Ramp Bonding: The 3600Plus fully supports the Orthodyne ramp bonding technology used to provide a flexible process and improved yield for highly sensitive surfaces.
"Per Bond" Parameters: 3600Plus Software makes virtually every bond parameter programmable on a "per bond" level. This customization assures maximum flexibility and bond quality for even the most advanced packages.
Programmable Force Control: The 3600Plus Bondhead features Orthodyne's third-generation programmable forcer. The improved accuracy and linearity throughout the bond force range ensures a consistent bond process.

Expandable Cutting Edge Capabilities

Graphical Bondhead Setup (GBS)
: With the optional GBS system, bondhead consumables are adjusted to graphical templates for fast, accurate, and repeatable consumable replacement.
Networking: Simple Networking via USB, Ethernet or serial port. SECS/GEM is available as an option.
File Handling: CDRW, hard drive, and networking provide easy-to-use tools for data transfer, data storage, and program back-up.
Open Machine Design & System Architecture: Completely open table design allows open access from below the work area. Complicated shuttle and clamping systems as well as line integration are simple and inexpensive. The table can be completely removed or replaced to make room for any customized clamping scheme.
Manual to Fully Automatic: The standard 3600Plus can be loaded manually, for use in a prototype lab or a low volume production. When needed, automation and integration of the system is simple and inexpensive.

Large Work Area
: 250mm (X), 150mm (Y) and 50mm (Z) provides access for large and deep packages and space for convenient manual or automatic loading of parts.
Deep Access Capabilities: All Orthodyne bondheads are re-designed for improved clearance around the bond tool for deep access packages.
Advanced Looping Algorithms: Constant loop length or height are just two of the many looping features available.  Customized loop modes are available with Orthodyne's Loop Development Tool (LDT).

Available Options


Bondhead Configurations: bondheads available in a range of front and back cut contigurations, with and without ALC technology in several U/S frequencies.


Extra Deep Access Bondhead Kits: Longer tool kits are available to accommodate deeper package designs.


Programmable Status Light: The 3600Plus status light tower features three programmable lights as well as an audio alarm feature.


Removable Casters: An easy-to-mount set of casters is available to facilitate the relocation of the 3600Plus.


Offline Programming (OPT): The OPT option allows the user to convert existing CAD files into machine process programs. This significantly reduces machine programming time resulting in greater production.


Bondhead Lighting Options: A large variety of lighting options offer solutions for every possible application.


PowerRibbon® Conversion Kit: In addition to large wire, the 3600Plus can be converted to process large Aluminum Ribbon.