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AsterionTM Enhanced Capability Hybrid Wedge Bonder

One Bonder, Multiple Interconnects
The AsterionTM Wedge Bonder is built on an enhanced architecture that includes an expanded bond area, new robust pattern recognition capabilities and extremely tight process controls. Together these deliver heightened productivity, bonding quality, and reliability. The enlarged bondable area enhances flexibility and reduces line integration costs. Asterion is driven by a precise new direct-drive motion system that requires minimum maintenance and delivers high repeatability. Powerful new software features, like the graphical editor, make programming complex devices easier, and multi-segmented bonding includes flexible tools to deliver an optimized bonding process.
  • Large bondable area (300mm X 300mm) reduces indexing/loading time
  • Improved MTBA with enhanced PR
  • Faster cycle time with Direct Drive Motion System and advanced PR modes
  • Very stable platform with minimal frame movement during operation
  • Greater bond placement repeatability
  • More consistent process results

Configuration Flexibility

  • Multiple configuration options available on the same platform; Large wire, small wire and PowerRibbonTM
  • The large work area envelope with extended side access accepts a full array of automated handling solutions
  • Capable of multi-device and multi-lane material handling configurations
  • Assorted bond head configurations are offered to meet the specific needs of a variety of applications

Lower CoO

  • Reduced preventative maintenance requirements on major components
  • Advanced Capabilities
  • Advanced interconnects with improved Configurable bond head (Cu, Al-Cu wire and ribbon)
  • Loop Former option enables advanced square shaped loop profiles

Ease of Use

  • New bond head set-up aid option (GBS)
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (Windows 7 OS)
  • Program conversion from 3600/3700Plus to Asterion is supported

Maintenance and Reliability

  • Highly reliable direct-drive XYZT motion system requires no adjustments and less frequent preventive maintenace
  • Reduced preventive maintenance requirements on major componentsy