AutoOLP 2013
AutoOLP - software application to run within industry standard AutoCAD® from Autodesk.
Build complete bond recipes with the power of AutoCAD®.
K&S’ new AutoOLP software operates inside AutoCAD® using industry standard design techniques. In minimal time, you can increase the effectiveness of your wire bonders by converting die and package drawings into complex, precise bonder recipes.
Reduced Teach Time
AutoOLP guides operators through the program to ensure that critical process information is entered. Use of original device diagrams in an easy-to-use Windows® PC environment reduces bond program generation time. Higher Bonder Utilization AutoOLP operates on your standard PC, remote from the clean room. Your bonders remain fully productive. Programs can be transferred via network, or by diskette.
Increased Teach Accuracy and Capability
AutoCAD provides powerful visual tools to eliminate mis-wiring. Direct use of CAD-generated data reduces Teach error and increases yields.
Greater Process Control
AutoOLP builds complete bonder recipes with pre-approved sets of parameters - limiting the chance of parameter errors by operators.