Your product quality is our drive
With the steady increase of electronic contents in automotive and the tough mandatory regulations, it is critical that automotive electronics should be of the highest endurance and quality. To achieve this the processes in our pick and place solutions work together to guarantee a placement defect rate of less than 1 DPM.

At K&S, the quality of the pick-and-place process is core, meaning that all process steps from pick to after place are controlled, monitored, verified and executed for every individual component.

This gives you the industry’s most reliable assembled electronic products, assuring a high quality long electronic lifetime.

K&S' unique pick and place concept ensures 100% traceability, keeping the costs associated with warranty, liability, service and/or recall to an absolute minimum.

Additionally, the simplicity our pick and place gives you extra value for the following:
  • High Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Low maintenance, low repair times, less operator interactions, high line througput, Modular hardware
  • Cost Control: Low energy consumption, easy operation, hands-on training, low maintenance yearly costs, high nozzle lifetimes

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