KNet PlusTM  & AutoOLP 2011
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KNet PlusTM -- a user-configurable control and information management system designed to bring online K&S wire bonders, as well as other GEM compliant equipments.

Running on Windows 7 or XP, the KNet Plus interconnects equipments through SEMI HSMS and SECS-II protocol, interacts with report database, recipe server, machine dependent parameter server, and customer’s manufacturing execution system (MES) with fine rule controls. 
As the packaging industry's most advanced system on equipment control, data acquisition, and recipe management with seamless transferability from widely used KNet system, KNet Plus helps client achieve higher level of productivity by improving process control, cycle time and yield, and reducing operators’ burden.
 AutoOLP - Customized software application to run within industry standard AutoCAD® from Autodesk.
  • Build complete bond recipes with the power of AutoCAD®.
  • Reduced teach time
  • Increased teach accuracy and capability
  • Greater process control




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