Copper Wire Bonding 

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Copper Wire Bonding
Having strong mechanical properties, and compared to gold and aluminum, copper enables better heat dissipation and increases power ratings with thinner wire diameters. This makes it excellent for wire bonding.
The market of copper wire bonding has leap-frogged multiple times over the past few years, causing the industry to redouble its efforts to transition itself to using copper wires. The research and development done by K&S birthed a fully commercialized, high-volume copper wire meant for semiconductor production.
IConn ProCu PLUS
As the interconnect solution of choice, the IConn ProCu PLUS offers great new levels of capabilities for customers transitioning their packaging product lines from gold to copper wire bonding. The IConn ProCu PLUS combines a precisely engineered and optimized system to address copper’s propensity, with powerful process controls to provide the an advanced system of excellence.
ACS Pro Capillary
The ACS Pro Capillary was also uniquely designed to move the industry to transition its use to copper wire bonding. ACS Pro Capillary delivers excellent bonding, extended life span, and superior workability.
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