Extending the successful AccuPLUSTM series, the FCCTM Hub Blades offer a customizable solution for flip chip, wafer level packaging (WLP) and thick wafer dicing with improved efficiency and cost of ownership.

​The advanced packaging market, flip chip and WLP wafer dicing demand has increased exponentially. These advanced packaging technologies further enable package size reductions for the most advanced processor and memory devices serving the latest smart phone and tablet segments which generally requires high accuracy and dicing consistency.

By optimizing key blade elements such as diamond grit size, concentration and nickel bond hardness, in conjunction with the newly introduced features, the FCC hub blades deliver superior cut quality and blade life, while loweing the cost of ownership.

Key Features

  • Supreme Straight Cut control for useful life
  • Improve cutting power for thick wafer dicing
  • Enable high-feed rate special pre-cut recipe to improve initial slant cut