Gold Wire Bonding

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Gold Wire Bonding
K&S is a leader in ball bonding and the IConn Power Series ball bonder is a high-end gold wire bonder. It is a versatile high performance ball bonder that covers a wide range of application - wire size from 0.7mil to 2mil, ultra low loop down to 50um with a 0.8mil wire and lots more. K&S uses an advanced servo control system to allow the bonder to bond accurately with excellent consistencies. The ultrasonic system consists of light and response transducers, permitting bonding on sensitive pads that are low-k or devices with circuit under pad.
The high degree of machine-to-machine portability allow easy changeover and reduced conversion time. This improves productivity and quality.
Offering this solution to allow improved time-to-market package and process development, the K&S IConn Power Series ball bonder remains a top choice.
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