High End Consumer Electronics
Highest First Pass Yield for more products a day
A major influence on production quality is the pick and place machine. Our single-digit dpm routinely gives a First Pass Yield of over 99,9% against an industry average below 95% for most common applications. That can reduce rework and scrap costs by over 70%, which can save millions a year for high-volume production.
The difference in yield is largest for high-pin count, bump count and micro miniature parts. These are real tests for a machine’s repeatability. Many electronics manufacturers see the move to 01005 (0201M) as a quality and cost risk for mainstream production with their current equipment. There is no such problem with single pick/single place. Our pick and place equipment handles everything from complex Ball Grid Arrays down to 01005 parts with the same high throughput and same high quality. And with electronic miniaturization, our equipment is ready for the next generation of smaller components; the 008004 (0201M) – and placed with the same high quality!


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