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High Performance Large Area (LA) Wire Bonder
The IConn LAPS High Performance Large Area Wire Bonder is an extension of the successful Power Series platform. Extending the bondable area will help you to increase efficiency and net productivity to meet the challenges in advanced packages.
·         Extra large 56mm X 87mm bond area
·         ±2.0 µm accuracy
·         High Speed X-Y-Z motion control system
·         Dual-frequency transducer allows two selectable frequencies for each bond
·         Power Series Advanced Loop for tight control of last kink height
·         Power Series Low Loop allowing forward loops under 50 µm in height
·         On-board process optimization tools
·         Auto-BITS self-teach and optimization
·         WAVI (Wide Angle Vertical Illumination system with programmable red and blue lighting
·         Optional programmable optics with a full 2.5mm focus range
·         Optional copper wire bonding kit