IConn ProCu LAPS
IConn ProCu LAPS
High Performance Large Area (LA) Copper Wire Bonder
The IConn ProCu LAPS High Performance Large Area Wire Bonder is another extension of the successful Power Series platform. 
With the extended bondable area, the IConn ProCu LAPS helps you to achieve high productivity with increase efficiency and flexibility to meet the challenges in market demand.
·         Extra large 56mm X 87mm bond area
·         ProCu Bond and ProCu SSB Processes (Patent Pending) New Easy to Use
      – Response Oriented Copper Processes with High UPH for most applications.
·         New “low flow” Cover Gas Flow design for the Widest Process Window with less
      gas consumption (Patent Pending)
·         High Precision Gas Regulation and Metering
·         Pro-Process Library Files and Functions- Recommended Copper Bonding Processes
for 1st and 2nd bonds, and Looping. With Easy to Use tools for storing, cataloging, and
re-using golden processes.