K&S Care –  Basic
•  Quarterly/Yearly Preventive Maintenance by K&S
    trained technicians
•  Covers all the recommended K&S Preventive
•  Covers labour, exclude spares and consumables
K&S Care – Professional
•  Provides extended warranty after standard warranty
•  Program to be sold in advance when customer
    machines still under warranty
•  Covers labor and spares, exclude consumables
•  Priority in part availability, 2-day turnaround for parts
    when a machine is down
•  Service by trained K&S Engineers/Technicians
K&S Care – Comprehensive
•  Combine K&S Care Basic and Professional Service
K&S Care
With K&S Care, your machines will be serviced by K&S trained engineers and technicians with the backing of our engineering team who designed and developed these machines. Our engineers and technicians will be able to leverage the knowledge gained from our worldwide installed base to help you optimize the productivity of your machines and reduce cost. Our trained engineers and technicians will carry out the service through use of correct tools and genuine K&S parts to ensure long term machine reliability.

K&S Care helps you reduce administrative cost and assist you to run your operation more efficiently. No more worry about expertise and resources for machine maintenance, no more waiting for emergency PO approval to buy spares, no more worry about price increase and no more overrun of operation budget. You will now be able to focus on your core competency and channel your energy into running successful operation and production.