LED Assembly and Packaging

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LED Assembly and Packaging 
LED (Light Emitting Diode) has come a long way from the days of it being used as indicators in many devices. The invention of the Blue LED has enabled the production of White LED which has opened up opportunities for the LED from just being used as indicator lights in devices. Technology advancement in the LED has enabled the light efficiency and output to increased exponentially resulting in the invention of the High Brightness LED (HB LED). HB LED continues to improve and gained recognition in the current market due to its immense potential as lamp replacement in the General Lighting market.
The many advantages of the LED especially its lower energy consumption and longer lifetime have presented an opportunity for Green Energy to reduce the current carbon footprint produced world wide. Legislations have been put in place by many governments to encourage the use of LED as an efficient light source.
LED has found many applications in the current world such as Back Light Unit in Display Unit (TV, PC, Laptop and Mobile Phone), Interior / Exterior of Automobiles, Traffic Signals, Street Lights and Residential Lights.
There are various methods in the LED assembling; namely on leadframes, pre-molded leadframes, FR4 substrates, Ceramic substrates and Silicon substrates in the forms of Surface Mount Devices (SMD packages). Development in the area of Ceramic and Silicon substrates are gaining momentum now due to the inherent properties of conducting the heat efficiently from the LED package. Thermal Management of the LED packages is key in enabling the LED to emit lights efficiently throughout its perceived lifetime.
It is also important to note that Optocoupler and Photocoupler are considered as LED even though their lights are invisible to the human eyes. They are essentially used in the remote control for most of the electronic devices in today’s world.
In keeping up with K&S tradition of maintaining innovation and technological leadership in the Semiconductor market; an optimized bonder in maximizing the productivity in bonding LED devices was introduced; ConnX-LED. Unique solutions catering to the special needs in the LED market were designed into the ConnX-LED to achieve excellent Cost of Ownership by delivering the highest productivity and uptime machine in the LED market.
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