LUMOS - a Dedicated Bonding Capillary for the LED Packaging Application
Key Attributes
New, dedicated TGTMceramics material enables
   reduced Cost of Ownership (CoO) and improved
Fine Granular tip surface morphology helps maintain
   excellent 2nd bond over a longer bonding time
Customized  dimensional specifications help cater
   to a wide range of LED application
Major Benefits
Rapid process qualification for a wide variety of LED
Improved cost of ownership - more bonds per
   capillary and per hour of usage (MTBA)
Enhanced bonding process productivity (UPH)
Designed for a wide variety of LED applications using
   gold or gold-alloy wire 
Product Features
 Designed for a wide variety of LED applications
B.P.P Range [µm] : [>=80]
WD Range [mil] : [0.9 - 3.0]


Data Sheets