About Us
Management Team
Throughout the years, K&S has the most experienced managerial members on board. The most important factor that contributes to the overall success of our business is the diversity of the different members leading the company, and the different skill sets that they bring to the table.

Fusen Chen

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan H. Chou

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (Finance, IT & Facilities)

Chan Pin Chong

Senior Vice President, EA/APMR, Wedge Bonders, Capillaries and Blades Business Lines

Hoang Huy Hoang

Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Aftermarket Products & Services Business Line

Irene Lee

Senior Vice President, Global Operations & Chief Quality Officer

Lester Wong

Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Nelson Wong

Senior Vice President, Ball Bonder Business Line & Strategic Solutions Development

Shubneesh Batra

Vice President, Advanced Packaging Business Line

Cheam Tong Liang

Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Joyce Lim

Vice President, Global Supply Chain & Customer Operations

Lisa Lim

Vice President, Global Human Resources

Deepak Sood

Vice President, Global Engineering