Industrial/Power Electronics
Quality assured
(for industries such as Medical, Avionics, Military, Power Electronics)

Product quality is critical when high costs are directly or indirectly involved with product failure. In areas such as medical, avionics, military, aerospace, etc. the products should have a very long life. To achieve this all processes must guarantee this. Quality and reliability are crucial for products such as:
  • High-end electronics
  • High service-cost sensitive electronics
  • Recall sensitive products
  • Regulation or safety products subject to liability costs
  • Life-critical electronics
Not only must quality be built into the product, quality must be built into the manufacturing process. Well designed products built on low quality equipment will have lower quality results.

At K&S, quality is designed into equipment from cradle to grave. The technology used within K&S' equipment ensures your highest possible quality. Accuracy alone will not produce quality, addition design attributes are required including:
  • Single pick single place
  • Closed loop force control
  • Continuous calibration
  • Error free production (Part number verification, component attrition, output monitor, early warnings)
  • Configuration verification (revision control, central database, nozzle check, feeder verification, traceability)
This gives you the industry’s most reliable assembled electronic products, assuring long electronic lifetime.

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