NovaTM Hub Blade
  Nova 360x270.jpg
Improve Low-k Wafer Dicing Yields
Immediate Solution Using Current Dicing Practices
Wide Process Window (Feed Rate & RPM)
Choice of 3 Standard Bond/Grit Matrices
Diamond Grit from 2.0-6.0 µm
Available in 0.8 mil to 2.0 mil Thicknesses
Hub Blades for Dicing Low-k Type Wafers
NovaTM Hub Blades are an immediate solution to the challenges posed by the dicing of low-k type materials by reducing chipping and delamination.  
Nova delamination 1.jpg
 Excessive Layer De-lamination Using Standard Blade
Nova delamination 2.jpg

Minimal De-lamination Using NovaTM Blade