Opto Blades for LED Package Singulation
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Opto Blades Product Features
  • Cutting-edge electro-plating technology for achieving high   quality singulation blades
  • Significant UPH improvement by enabling high feeding speed
  • 100% pre-dressed to shorten on-site dressing steps to enable full cutting power
  • Attractive Cost of Ownership through consistent long blade life
K&S New Opto Hub/Hubless Blades enables
step function improvement on package singulation quality, precision and productivity by providing significantly longer life blade, improved stability.
It is designed to fit and achieve your process and project requirement.
 Dicing Condition
  • Materials - Aluminum Nitride 0.7mm thick
  • Blade P/N: PL-BDA2S-H3C5-6AB-000
  • Spindle RPM: 40k
  • Water flow rate: 1.5 LPM
  • Feed speed: increase up to 22mm/s