Orthodyne Wedge Bonders are the leader in wire and ribbon bonding for power semiconductors, automotive power modules and industrial power hybrids. Orthodyne bonders ultrasonically bond round aluminum wires from 25 to 500 microns in diameter (1-20 mils) and use the PowerRibbon process to ultrasonically bond aluminum ribbons from 500x100 to 2000x300 microns in cross-section (20x4 - 80x12 mils).
For over 45 years, Orthodyne products have been recognized for exceptional performance, reliability, and excellent after-sales support.  Orthodyne has won many awards for excellent customer service. The Wire Bonders are created to cater to industries in need of smaller, thinner and denser semiconductor packages.
Orthodyne joined the K&S team in October 2008 to become the wedge bonder business line of Kulicke & Soffa.