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PowerFusion High Performance Wedge Bonder

Orthodyne PowerFusionPSTM Wedge Bonders are driven by a new powerful direct-drive motion system and expanded pattern recognition capabilities which deliver industry leading productivity and reliability. Systems are available in single, dual or multi-head configurations.

Three models of PowerFusionPS bonders are available.  The TL Model is the perfect choice for bonding TO power devices while the HL Model provides the accuracy and capability required to process the most advanced power packages. The HLx Model can handle extra-wide matrix and IPM leadframes up to 105 mm wide.

The TL Model is the perfect choice for bonding single-row to four-row matrix TO power devices.  PowerFusionPS's industry leading productivity reduces your manufacturing costs and delivers optimum pattern recognition and superior bonding performance.  It is upgradeable to the HL Model should advanced packaging requirements be in your future.

The HL Model is specially designed to enable large wire, small wire and PowerRibbon bonding in advanced packaging designs.  Whether you are bonding high density power devices like SO-8 & PDFN or stretching the wire limit on a matrix D-Pak, the superior indexing accuracy and clamping capabilities of the HL Model deliver consistent quality.

The HLx Model has all the capabilities of the HL Model with the added benefit of handling leadframesup to 105 mm wide. Whether you have a current requirement for wide leadframe processing or just want to invest in a flexible platform for future leadframe development, the HLx Model is the best choice for many applications.



Increased UPH: Enabled with direct-drive servo system and faster PR find times

Higher MTBA: Fewer line stoppages with improved pattern recognition


Custom Looping Profiles create specialized loop shapes for critical applications

Greater bond placement repeatability

Input Kicker Jam Sensor with adjustable force helps prevent leadframe damage

Advanced Package Capability

Enabler for small power packages

Expanded bondable area

Wider leadframe capability (105 mm width) - NEW!

Superior indexing accuracy

Ease of Use

Post-bond device review feature

Bond tool replacement without gauges

Global parameter editing of multiple process programs

Configuration Flexibility

Easily link single and dual-head machines together to create multi-head configurations

Large wire, small wire, and PowerRibbon conversion kits available

Up to four in-line non-destruct pulltesters per head

Maintenance and Reliability

Reduced preventive maintenance requirements on major components

New direct-drive XYZT motion system eliminates drive belts and leadscrews

Reduced number of cables and interconnections improves reliability


New Graphical Bond head Set-up aid option (GBS) reduces consumable replacement time and ensures a repeatable set-up

New Graphical Tooling Set-up aid option reduces tooling set-up time and improves positioning

Bond Process Monitoring Option (BPM) helps keep tight control of the bonding process consistency

SECS-GEM option for factory automation and communication