QuantisTM QFN




Quantis QFN Application Range

· Copper wire diameter range: 0.7 - 2.5 [mil]
· Copper wire type: Any
Package carrier families: Mid pin-count QFN’s & QFP’s
   (and their various sub-types)

QuantisTM QFN
Introducing the Quantis QFN, the first in the Quantis family of copper wire bonding capillary products based on our latest and most advanced ceramics composite platform. This new capillary combines our extensive copper wire applications experience with the innovatively engineered geometrical designs produced to handle the toughest process challenges on a variety of QFN carriers.
Quantis QFN Key Attributes 

· New RP1TM material - Highest micro-structure quality 
   and improved resistance to failure
· Superior mechanical properties - Improves consistency 
   of performance


Quantis QFN Major Benefits
· Improved process stability and portability
  · Larger bonding parametric (process) window
  · Higher response consistency between capillaries
· Competitive Cost of Ownership
  · Slower tip wear rate with enhanced design and 
      material mechanical properties
  · Enhanced workability which translates into higher 
  · More bonds per capillary and per hour