K&S offers a unique integrated solution for customers who are manufacturing semiconductor packages in continuous fashion where the leadframe / substrate is usually in reel format. Some of the packages that are usually being assembled in such state are the Smart Card, Transistor and Diodes.

Smart Card is currently the most widely used media for this form of electronic identification due to its cost effectiveness; ability to support multi applications, store data, handling updates, durability and convenient in size.

          Smart Card Film Substrate.jpg
            Smart Card Film Substrate
Key features of the Reel To Reel Systems are:
  • Available as Stand Alone system with the Reel Handling System for customers running batch processes;
  • Ability to be integrated into an in-line system for customer who are running a continuous production from Die Attached to Backend process (Molding and Trim / Form);
  • Programmable Look Ahead Vision Algorithms for parallel bonding and vision functions;
  • Customized Cover Gas Kit to support Bare Copper Leadframe bonding solutions – under development