SIP (System in Package)
Single machine for Flip Chips & Passives
Reduce your SIP, MCM, WLP and flip chip production costs. Where different equipment were used to place chips and known good dies for manufacturing of SIP, MCM, WLP and high performance flip chip modules, this can now be done on one single machine.
One machine solution, combining high speed chip shooting and flip chip bonding
  • Up to 27,000 cph (IPC) Flip Chip bonding speeds
  • Up to 121,000 cph (IPC) Chip shooting speeds

High quality pick and placement process 

  • 7 Micron for Flip Chips, Die and Wafer Level Packages
  • Full controlled Placement force for thin Flip Chips or low profile passives
  • Feeding from wafer, waffle pack, tray or tape and reel

MCM SIP 2.jpgMCM SIP 1.jpg

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