Stacked Die Wire Bonding

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Stacked Die Wire Bonding 
Stacked die packaging is a versatile wire bonded package amongst others. Being very demanding on the looping profile as well as consistency, K&S IConn Power Series Ball Bonders is the bonding choice for high stack packages. 
The tall stack and small package outline requires a tight control of the loop shape to ensure that wires are not shorted or exposed outside of the package outline.  The K&S IConn Power Series’ advanced servo control and the various looping trajectories produces a wide range of profile to suit various needs of the industry.  Regardless of high to low loops or length of wires, the IConn Power Series of bonder consistently excels to meet requirements.
K&S offers its technical expertise in looping to help customers exploit the full capabilities of the machine, once again making it a top choice of bonding packages.


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