The latest capillary series for advanced Memory and Logic devices packaging using either Gold or Silver wire.​
​Major Benefits
  • Excellent bonding and looping consistency (Yield)
  • Superior workability (MTBA - More bonds per hour)
  • Extended durability (More bonds per capillary)

​​Application Range Key Attributes
  • ​Bond Pad Pitch [μm]: 40 - 120
  • Wire Diameter [μm]: 15 - 33
  • Wire Type: any Gold & Silver alloy wire
  • Device Types: any Memory & Logic devices
  • ​​New iZX high quality composite ceramics
  • Tighter control over critical dimensions -0/+1 [μm]
  • Designed specifically for various Memoory devices structures
    (Stacked, Deep access, Overhang) and bonding modes