UniPlusTM  Hubless Blade


  Hubless 360x270.jpg
· Up to 6X longer blade life 
· Hubless configuration available (ZERO machine conversion)
· Tailor made for specific application needs
· 17um, 30um, 40um, 50um, 60um, 70um diamond grit available  
  for BGA, QFN and Ceramic application
· 55.6mm, 58mm OD available
· Optional slits for better heat dissipation
New Hubless Blades Available
-- Tailored for Quality and Long Life Cutting
UniPlus Hubless Blade is a breakthrough from 
traditional package singulation solution,enabling 
step function improvement  on cut quality,  precision & productivity with significantly longer blade life, enabling ZERO Conversion of your singulation 
 UniPlus TDH.jpg