VersaCap is K&S' latest capillary offering for the Low pin-count packaging applications segment, such as LED and Discrete semiconductors micro-chips.

VersaCap design performance was successfully validated at leading LED chip makers' production lines.
​Performance Benefits
  • High ease-of-fit into running or newly optimized application process
  • Reliable stitch bond quality maintained over time
  • Reduced cost of ownership

​​Application Range Product Characteristics
  • ​Device types: Predominantly LED and Discrete
    (all types)
  • Bond Pad Pitch range [μm]: 120 - 300
  • Wire Diameter range [mil]: 0.8 - 2.5
  • Ball bonder models: All
  • ​​Material platform: ITX, mature superior quality ceramics composite
  • Geometrical specifications: Optimized for low-pin count applications
  • Unique feature: C2 Tip finish type
  • Able to fit into K&S or other capillary parametric window
Mass Production Performance 3528 RGB LED ​Mass Production Performance 2121 RGB LED
​Bonding Process Conditions Bonding Process Conditions
  • ​Device – SMD LED 3528, Min BPO 45 [µm]
  • Bonder – K&S ConnX-LED
  • Wire – 0.8 [mil], Bare Cu
  • Test sample size – 23 capillaries on 15 bonders
  • ​​Device – RGB LED 2121, Min BPO 45 [µm]
  • Bonder – K&S ConnX-LED
  • Wire – 0.7 [mil], Bare Cu
  • Test sample size – 4 capillaries on 4 bonders
Results Results​
  • VersaCap enables to extend the production capillary life span by 600 KB
  • The stitch bond quality of VersaCap remains well above the 6 grams force  throughout the whole production run
  • VersaCap demonstrates statistically superior usability at mass production tests
  • An average of 960 K bonds for VersaCap compared to 480 K bonds
  • VersaCap stitch bond imprint quality is maintained throughout the entire life test
  • ​VersaCap outperforms the competitor’s
    capillary at life span test, reaching an average
    of 1,250 K bonds