About Us
K&S Leads the Industry in Wirebonding Technology

Technology Leadership
Fred Kulicke and Albert Soffa initiated a partnership in 1951 designing and manufacturing innovative and unique automated solutions that helped the broader manufacturing and processing industry achieve its goals.  Throughout this unique history Kulicke & Soffa became a manufacturer of solutions and has expanded its technical breadth through aggressive organic development and selective acquisitions.
Today, leveraging a diverse Research and Development group consisting of over five-hundred employees in six countries, K&S continues to work closely with customers and industry leaders to overcome new hurdles.  Technological process advancement through innovation is an overwhelming strategy and the core of new feature and product development.  The company’s core technology competencies are broadly categorized in the following groups:

HSM: High Speed Motion
  • Kulicke & Soffa's historical focus and ability to unite high speed and high precision is an exceptional differentiator from the competition.
  • Proprietary servo control development in combination with low mass, high stiffness materials have enabled competitive advantages in throughput, accuracy and process robustness.
  • Current bonding products achieve X and Y accelerations between 18 to 20 Gs with positioning accuracy under 1µm, while Z axis motions run at approximately 300 Gs, while leading edge pick and place tools output over 120,000 units per hour.
  • These differentiators have sustained the Equipment division’s competitive position and are leveraged across the entire product portfolio.
​ VS: Vision Systems
  • The vision system consists of state of the art optics and illumination designs combined with application specific processing software that enables highly efficient interactions with the outside world.
  • The vision system is used on equipment for die, chip and substrate alignment and placement as well as post bond metrology and inspection.
  • K&S engineers are equipped with advanced simulation analysis and modeling techniques which allow them to create tools to solve the industry’s most demanding problems.
US: Ultrasonics
  • Specific frequencies of ultrasonic energy are used during the bonding process to attach a wire or ribbon onto a semiconductor die in both primary and secondary bonds.
  • Innovative dual frequency bond heads have the unique ability to quickly change frequencies between first and second bonds. This has significantly improved the quality and productivity of worldwide semiconductor packaging.
  • Cross-collaboration between electrical, mechanical and materials engineers have allowed the creation of highly portable and scalable ultrasonic designs that deliver consistent results.

 PD: Packaging Development

  • The Packaging Development team leverages new and existing relationships with industry leaders, universities and organizations to drive next generation packaging products.
  • K&S has worked intimately to add meaningful value to the packaging industry by enabling bonding on active circuitry, enabling the widespread use of low cost copper wire, while also driving adoption of new techniques such as thermo-compression for 3D applications as well as high speed placement of active and passive applications with a single production tool.
  • The highly qualified global service team continues to work hand-in-hand to identify and create meaningful solutions that address customers’ unique challenges.
 MH: Material Handling 
  • Material handling systems directly interact with customers’ products, which range from individual die and miniscule passive components, to large scale industrial modules, panels, and ultra-thin wafers.
  • Material handling requires several disparate electro-mechanical devices orchestrating seamlessly to safely and efficiently transport a customer’s products through the production process.
  • K&S continues to drive throughput improvements of smaller, thinner and more cost-effective materials, further extending the global reach of technology.​