Ball Bonder


Automatic High Speed Wire Bonder for LED

The K&S ConnX-LED™ is built upon the Power Series platform and is optimally designed for bonding LED. Features and enhancements on this machine will help you increase efficiency and net productivity to meet the challenges in bonding for LED applications.

The ConnX-LED is designed for ease of use with automatic functions added to let the bonder do more of the work in teaching and optimizing processes. 
Key Features
  • High speed X-Y-Z motion control system
  • Programmable Look-Ahead Vision algorithms for parallel bonding and vision functions
  • Dual-frequency transducer allows two selectable frequencies for each bond
  • Automatic recovery paths for common production stoppages
  • WAVI (Wide Angle Vertical Illumination system with programmable red and blue lighting
  • Low angle oblique illumination
  • Single magnificent optics at 2x
  • LED Advanced Loop and LED Advanced SSB Loop
  • Auto-BITS self-teach and optimization

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