Ball Bonder


Automatic High Speed Wire Bonder for LED

The ConnX-LED PLUS high speed wire bonder is the second generation ball bonder introduced under the successful Power Series, which sets new standards and benchmark in the LED market.
Key Features:
  • High speed X-Y-Z motion control system
  • New Interactive Programmable Look-Ahead Vision for ease of setup during the first time
  • Automatic recovery paths for common production stoppages
  • WAVI (Wide Angle Vertical Illumination) system with programmable red and blue lighting
  • Low angle oblique illumination
  • Single magnification optics at 2x
  • LED Advanced Loop and LED Advanced SSB Loop
  • Optional Micro Environment kit to support Ag alloy, PdCu or Cu wire

Field Upgrade Path:
  • ConnX-LED PLUS LA (Large Area)
  • ConnX-LED PLUS ELA (Extended Large Area)

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