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Ball Bonder


Automatic High Performance Wire Bonder

As its name implies, the IConn high performance wire bonder, represents the state-of-the art in IC
inter-Conn-ect performance for the advanced packaging requirements for both today and tomorrow.
Key Features:
  • Extra large 56 x 80 mm bond area
  • ± 2.0 µm accuracy
  • High performance X-Y-Z motion control system
  • Dual frequency transducer allows two selectable frequencies for each bond
  • Power Series Low Loop allowing forward loops under 50µm in height
  • On-board process optimization tools
  • Auto-BITS self-teach and optimization
  • WAVI (Wide Angle Vertical Illumination system with programmable red and blue lighting
  • Optional programmable optics with a full 2.5mm focus range
  • Optional copper wire bonding kit

Field Upgrade Path:
  • IConn LA (Large Area)

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