Ball Bonder


Automatic High Performance Wire Bonder
for Memory devices

IConn MEM PLUS is the new high performance Memory device bonder for gold and silver alloy wire bonding. With its advanced process, looping, overhang control and ease of use capabilities, it delivers high quality and productivity benefits in complex multi die stack package applications.
Key Features:
  • Advanced Process Capabilities support bonding on complex stacked die packages with thinner die, longer overhang and ultra-low loops
  • Package cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced inert gas delivery and programmable pneumatics metering for optimal Ag alloy Free Air Ball formation
  • New extended range programmable focus range from + 2.5 mm and - 1 mm to the bond plane
  • New BITS capability (patent pending) to enable Lifted Stitch Detection for MSB process

Field Upgrade Path:
  • IConn MEM PLUS LA (Large Area)

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