Ball Bonder

IConn ProCu

Automatic High Performance Copper Wire Bonder

Expanding on the state-of the-art performance of IConn - the world's leading wire bonder - K&S created IConn ProCu, the most advanced copper wire bonding capability for today and tomorrow.
Using development tools such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Advanced Sensor Mechanics, the IConn ProCu employs a combination of precisely designed new hardware, optimized pneumatics, and complex process controls to provide the most advanced system available for wire bonding with copper wire.
Key Features:
  • ProCu Bond and proCu SSB Processes (Patent Pending) New Easy to Use
  • Response Oriented Copper Processes with higher UPH for most applications
  • New “low flow” Cover Gas Flow design for the Widest Process Window with less gas consumption (Patent Pending)
  • High Precision Gas Regulation and Metering
  • Pro-Process Library Files and Functions – Recommended Copper Bonding Processes for 1st and 2nd bonds, and Looping. With Easy to Use tools for storing, cataloging, and re-using golden processes

Field Upgrade Path:
  • IConn ProCu LA (Large Area)

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