Ball Bonder

IConn ProCu PLUS

Automatic Copper Wire Bonder -
For Copper Today, Plus Tomorrow

IConn ProCu PLUS is the new state-of-the-art in copper wire bonding. With its upgraded and enhanced subsystems, it is engineered to deliver all the capability you will need – For Copper today, PLUS tomorrow.

The IConn ProCu PLUS is prepared to handle all leading edge copper bonding challenges. Our new ProCu5 process offers the highest level of Copper Process Capability available. It has many added controls and improvements over all existing ProCu processes. ProCu5 enables robust wire bonding production for Advanced node wafers down to 28 nanometer or below.
Key Features:
  • ProCu Bond and ProCu SSB Processes (Patent Pending)
  • Ease of use - Response Oriented Copper Processes with Higher UPH for most applications
  • Enhanced Gas Delivery System design for optimal Free Air Ball Formation and the most optimal level of cover gas consumption
  • Programmable Pneumatics Gas Regulation and Metering
  • Pro-Process Library Files and Functions – Recommended Copper Bonding Processes for 1st and 2nd bonds, and Looping. With Easy to Use tools for storing, cataloging, and re-using golden processes

Field Upgrade Path:
  • IConn ProCu PLUS LA (Large Area)
  • IConn ProCu PLUS ELA (Extended Large Area)

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