Career Areas

We know that making a career choice is an important decision in your life. We encourage you to take some time to explore and learn about the available career areas at Kulicke & Soffa. A career with K&S provides stimulating new challenges, rewards that commensurate with performance as well as learning and development opportunities.

Customer Ops Engineering Finance HR
I.T. Marketing Operations Quality
  Sales Supply Chain  

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Career Development

In Kulicke & Soffa, career development is an on-going process of managing your learning and working in the company. Our horizontal organizational structure provides opportunities for our employees to learn and add value outside of their particular area of specialization. In addition to keeping the job challenging and exciting, we encourage our employees to develop skills, pursue professional development opportunities and obtain different experiences as they progress along their career paths through the company.

As we expand in all parts of the world, we create exciting new career opportunities in many different fields. There are growing opportunities and we continue to invest in our employees so they can develop in their careers to help us expand our vision. We believe that each employee has the ability to make his footprint on the future of our company and we strive to support and develop our employees’ careers through our defined career ladder.


Learning at K&S

You are in the driver’s seat. At Kulicke & Soffa, we empower our team members to take charge of their future and work towards creating their own destiny. Our individual development planning process enables you to start the conversation of what is important to you in your professional development. We offer our employees opportunities and resources to excel in their jobs and prepare them for new challenges.

Our learning starts right from beginning when an individual joins the Company. Our new hires go through a 24-month Onboarding@K&S learning process covering Knowing K&S, Understanding my Roles, Collaborating across K&S, and Developing my Career in K&S. This gives them the foundation for long term career development with the Company.

Professional Development Program
Our contextualized professional development program covering modules in Manage Self, Manage Cross Functional & Diversity Teams, and Manage Change is specially designed for our managers, supervisors and professionals, based on the needs for management skills and competencies.

Basic Management Skills Training
For newly emerged supervisors and team leaders, we ensure they receive basic people management skills training. This helps our managers to demonstrate consistent K&S’ behavior, core values, and system thinking, driving team development, engagement, and empowerment.

New Manager Program
It doesn’t matter if you are a new manager just joining the team or someone who was internally promoted, we believe in providing managers with the essential tools for their success. Our toolkit helps new managers navigate K&S processes, policies, and understand their roles and responsibilities.

70/20/10 Learning Model
We adopt the learning framework of 70/20/10 as our development model to encourage our employees to participate actively in training & development, share experiences and gain access to learning opportunities like product & process showcases, presentations, project teams, experiential learning, etc. in topics including everything from global sales development to technical career paths.

Core Quality and Technical Training
Kulicke & Soffa wants all employees to have the required technical skills in every role to contribute and be successful. We are constantly learning through on the job training and stretch assignments. We also offer a host of in-house core quality and technical training in the following subjects:

  • FMEA;
  • LAMDA;
  • A3 Problem Solving;
  • Value Stream Mapping Exercises;
  • Design of Experiment;
  • NX and KX; and
  • Data Analytics