With over 40 years of experience, K&S Capillary Consumables is one of the leading players in the semiconductors assembly industry. We develop and manufacture advanced bonding tools ​for a broad range of applications, providing end-to-end solutions to a wide array of customers who are market leaders in their respective fields.

Our product offerings vary from standard designs to customized solutions that address different packaging challenges and application requirements.

The latest series of Copper wire capillary products
Improving Capillary Lifespan and Cost-of-Ownership
Dedicated for advanced memory and logic devices using gold/silver wire

Copper capillary for high-pin count and fine pitch, BGA, and PBGA

Copper capillary for mid-pin count QFP, QFN, PPF, and μPPF lead frames

Copper capillary for low-pin count applications, such as discrete and power ICs

Latest capillary solution for copper wire bonding
Capillary for low-pin count applications such as LED and discrete semiconductors micro-chips
Latest technology for gold wire bonding
Taking looping performance to the next level
Fine and ultra-fine pitch 1st bond reliability
Taking the lead in 2nd bond performance
Tailor-made design for sensitive die structure (Low-k, BOAC) applications
Advanced capillary solution for copper wire bonding

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