Copper capillary for mid-pin count applications

ACS Max™ is part of the ACS series of advanced copper capillary solutions that enables our customers with superior copper bonding quality with larger wire diameters and bond pad pitch requirements. The unique design of ACS Max allows a larger bond process window providing dynamic consistency and overall improved bondability throughout its usable life, thereby further reducing wire bonding cost-of-ownership.
ACS Max Key Attributes:
  • Improved workability (MTBA) and response consistency especially on 2nd bond performance
  • New ITX™ material - superior properties of advanced processing ceramics, enhances the capillary workability, and usable life
  • High resistance to wear and a more predictable lifespan

ACS Max Major Benefits:
  • Excellent bond-ability control
    • Advanced design rules to maintain 1st and 2nd bond quality over time
  • Improved process portability and response consistency
    • Design dynamics to ease the limited copper process window
    • Consistent performance for smooth production fan-out
  • Competitive cost-of-ownership
    • Enhanced workability to help productivity
    • Improved material wear resistance for challenging processes
ACS Max Application Range:
  • Bond pad pitch range: 70 – 120 [μm]
  • Copper wire diameter range: ≤33 μm (≤1.3 mil)
  • Copper wire type: Any
  • Advanced package carrier families, such as mid-pin count QFP, QFN, PPF, uPPF &Lead frames

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