Data Protection Policies

Kulicke & Soffa takes the privacy of our employees and website users, and the security of their Personal Data very seriously. Personal Data collected by us are processed according to our Global Data Protection Policy (“Policy”). The Policy provides a general framework for ensuring that we process Personal Data in a fair, lawful, transparent and secure way.

In addition, we may supplement our Policy with local addenda, valid for the countries in which we operate. If you are based in a certain country, the Policy and country addendum applies to you.

From time to time, we may also change our policies. Therefore, we ask that you check our website occasionally to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version(s) which will apply from the time you access our website.

Policy Downloads

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Global Data Protection PolicyPublished: Nov 03, 2021
Singapore AddendumPublished: Nov 03, 2021
USA AddendumPublished: Nov 03, 2021
Taiwan AddendumPublished: Nov 03, 2021
Israel Addendum Published: Nov 03, 2021
Netherlands AddendumPublished: Nov 03, 2021
China AddendumPublished: Nov 02, 2021
Malaysia AddendumPublished: Jul 01, 2017
Thailand AddendumPublished: Jul 01, 2017
Japan AddendumPublished: Jul 01, 2017
Hong Kong AddendumPublished: Jul 01, 2017
Korea AddendumPublished: Jul 01, 2017
Philippines AddendumPublished: Jul 01, 2017