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Your privacy is important to us.
The purpose of this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is to provide you with information on the collection, use and sharing (collectively, “processing” or “process”) of your Personal Data (as defined below) by Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. and its affiliates, as well as its directors, officers and employees (collectively, “K&S”, “we” or “us”). Please take a moment to read this Privacy Policy so that you know and understand the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your Personal Data.
By interacting with us, submitting information to us or signing up for any services offered by us, either through our Site (as defined below), software, applications, social media pages that link to this Privacy Policy, your in-person interaction with us, or in the context of any other offline events, you agree and consent to K&S collecting, using, disclosing and sharing amongst ourselves your Personal Data, and disclosing such Personal Data to our authorized service providers in the manner contemplated and set forth in this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy supplements but does not supersede nor replace any other consents you may have previously provided to us nor does it affect any rights which we may have at law in connection with the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data. We may from time to time update this Privacy Policy to ensure that this Privacy Policy is consistent with our future developments, industry trends and/or any changes in legal or regulatory requirements.
Subject to your rights at law, you agree to be bound by the prevailing terms of this Privacy Policy as updated from time to time on our website(s). The onus is on you to check regularly for updated information on the handling of your Personal Data. For avoidance of doubt, we hold no responsibility in informing you of the changes or updates to our Privacy Policy as may be updated from time to time. See Section 13 for details.
This Privacy Policy forms a part of the Website Terms and Conditions (“Website Conditions”). In the event of any conflict, inconsistency or conflict between this Privacy Policy and the Website Conditions, this Privacy Policy shall prevail.
All defined terms contained in the Website Conditions shall apply to this Privacy Policy unless otherwise specifically stated.
1. Your Personal Data 
       1.1 In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” refers to any data or information about you from which you can be 
                identified either: (a) from that data; or (b) from that data and other information to which we have or are
                likely to have access. Examples of such Personal Data which you may provide to us include: 
                1.1.1 your name, telephone number(s), mailing address, email address and any other information relating 
                             to you (such as an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to your physical, physiological, 
                             genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity) which you have provided us in any forms
                             you may have submitted to us, or in other forms of interaction with you; 
                1.1.2 information about your use of our Site and our services, including cookies information on your
                             browser, Internet Protocol (IP) address and information, but only to the extent that we may
                             identify you from such information; 
                1.1.3 company data such as the name, size and location of the company you work for and your role within
                             the company; 
                1.1.4 transactional data, including products and services ordered; and 
                1.1.5 such other information which you have provided us in any forms you may have submitted to us or
                             in other forms of interaction with you. 

2. Collection of Personal Data 
       2.1 We collect your Personal Data in the following ways: 
               2.1.1 when you submit forms to us; 
               2.1.2 when you register on our Site; 
               2.1.3 when you use some or any of our services offered on our Site; 
               2.1.4 when you establish any online accounts (if applicable) with us; 
               2.1.5 when you request that we contact you; 
               2.1.6 when you interact with any of our officers and/or employees, for example, via telephone calls,
                            letters, social media pages, emails or face-to-face interactions; 
                2.1.7 when you respond to our request for additional Personal Data; 
                2.1.8 when you ask to be included in an email, newsletter subscription or other mailing list; and/or 
                2.1.9 when you submit your Personal Data to us for any other reason. 
     2.2 When you browse our Site, you generally do so anonymously but please see Section 5 below on
              cookies policy. If you provide us with any Personal Data relating to a third party by submitting
              such information to us, you represent to us that you have obtained the consent of the third party
              to you providing us with their Personal Data for the respective purposes. 

3. Purposes for the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Data 
       3.1 We generally use your Personal Data for the following purposes: 
                3.1.1 processing and/or dealing with your interest in our products and/or services; 
                3.1.2 considering, processing, dealing with and/or managing your request/application for or your purchase
                            of or your subscription for our products and/or services (the “Transaction”); 
                3.1.3 where applicable, dealing with, processing and/or administering the account that you may
                            open with us; 
                3.1.4 facilitating, processing, dealing with, administering and/or managing Transaction(s) by or with you;
                3.1.5 providing services to you; 
                3.1.6 administering, facilitating, managing, processing and/or dealing with your relationship with us; 
                3.1.7 administering, facilitating, processing and/or dealing in any matters relating to your use of our Site; 
                3.1.8 monitoring, processing and/or tracking your use of our Site in order to provide you with a seamless
                            experience, facilitating or administering your use of our Site, and/or to assist us in improving your
                            experience in using our Site; 
                 3.1.9 administering, facilitating, processing and/or dealing in any transactions or activities carried out by
                             you on our Site; and 
                 3.1.10 carrying out your instructions or responding to any enquiry given by (or purported to be given by)
                             you or on your behalf. 
     3.2 We also use and disclose your Personal Data for the following purposes: 
                3.2.1 verifying your identity; 
                3.2.2 creating reports with respect to your Transaction(s) and/or transactions that we have
                            with our customers; 
                3.2.3 dealing with and/or facilitating a business asset transaction or a potential
                             business asset transaction, where such transaction involves K&S as a participant or
                             involves only a related corporation or affiliated company of K&S as a participant or
                             involves K&S and/or any one or more of K&S’ related corporations or affiliated companies
                             as participant(s), and there may be other third party organizations who are participants
                             in such transaction.
                            “Business asset transaction” means the purchase, sale, lease, merger or amalgamation
                            or any other acquisition, disposal or financing of an organization or a portion of an
                            organization or of any of the businesses or assets of an organization; 
                3.2.4 record-keeping purposes and producing statistics and research for K&S’ internal
                             and/or statutory reporting and/or record-keeping requirements; 
                3.2.5 K&S’ reporting purposes including on the stock exchange or otherwise; 
                3.2.6 preventing, detecting and investigating crime, including fraud and money-laundering,
                             and analyzing and managing other commercial risks; 
                3.2.7 protecting and enforcing K&S’ contractual and legal rights and obligations; 
                3.2.8 conducting audits, reviews and analysis of K&S’ internal processes, action planning and
                              managing commercial risks; 
                3.2.9 compliance with any applicable rules, laws and regulations, codes of practice or guidelines or to
                              assist in law enforcement and investigations by relevant authorities; and/or 
                3.2.10 any other purpose related to the above. 
     3.3 In addition, to the extent permitted under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”),
              our basis for processing Personal Data collected about you in the European Union (“EU”) is
              based on the following: 
          3.3.1 in order to communicate adequately with you, we need to process information about you and therefore
                      have a legitimate interest in processing this information; 
          3.3.2 in order to engage in Transactions with you through any online accounts (where applicable) with us or
                      otherwise, we need to process information about you as necessary to enter into or
                      perform a contract with you; 
          3.3.3 in order to analyze, develop, improve and optimize our Site, products and services, and to maintain the security of our Site, networks and systems; and 
          3.3.4 in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations, such as to comply with a subpoena or other legal process, or to process an opt-out request. 
     3.4 In relation to particular services or in your interactions with us, we may also have specifically notified you of other purposes for which we collect, 
            use or disclose your Personal Data. If so, then we will collect, use and disclose your Personal Data for these additional purposes as well, 
            unless we have specifically notified you otherwise. 

4. Disclosure of Personal Data 
     4.1 We will take reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data against unauthorized disclosure. Subject to the provisions of any applicable law, 
            this Personal Data may be disclosed, for the purposes listed above (where applicable), to the following third parties, whether they are located 
         overseas or in Singapore: 
          4.1.1 our associated or affiliated organizations or related corporations; 
          4.1.2 any of our agents, contractors or third party service providers that process or will be processing your personal data on our behalf including 
                   but not limited to those which provide administrative or other services to us such as mailing houses, telecommunication companies, 
                   information technology companies and data centres; and 
          4.1.3 third parties to whom disclosure by K&S is for one or more of the purposes cited Section 3 above and such third parties would in turn be collecting and 
                   processing your personal data for one or more of the purposes cited in Section 3 above. 

5. Cookies Policy 
     5.1 A cookie is a small file comprising letters and numbers, stored in your web browser’s file directory when you visit a website. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. 
            Cookies can be from the website you visited or from third parties such as advertising networks. When you return to that website (or visit websites that use the same cookies) 
            these websites recognize the cookies and your browsing device. Some cookies are retained in your browser for only as long as you visit the website, 
            while others are retained for a longer specified or unspecified period. 
     5.2 When you interact with us on our Site, we may collect or analyze anonymized information from which individuals cannot be identified, 
            such as number of users and their frequency of use, the number of page views (or page impressions) that occur on our Site and common entry and exit points into Site. 
     5.3 How to change Cookies preferences or disable Cookies? You can change your preferences by changing the settings in your browser. 
            How you configure or disable cookies will depend on the browser you use. Generally, your browser will allow you to: 
          5.3.1 see what cookies or other similar technologies have been dropped on your device; 
          5.3.2 block cookies or similar technologies; and 
          5.3.3 clear cookies or similar technologies from your browser. 
                   Visit the “Help” section of your browser to learn how to manage your cookie settings or refer to the 
                   respective browsers’ guides on how to manage and delete cookies.
     5.4 If you want to disable cookies, you can control this by disabling or deleting the cookies by adjusting the settings of your web browser on your device. 
            Deleting cookies or similar technologies means that any preference settings you have made on a particular website, including our Site, will be lost and, accordingly, 
            the functionality of our Site may be impaired. We cannot guarantee that your experience on our Site will be as good as it could otherwise be. 
     5.5 By continuing to use our Site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies on our Site as outlined above. 

6. Transfer of Personal Data to other Countries 
     6.1 K&S is a global company with operations spanning across various countries and personal information is processed globally as necessary in accordance with 
            this Privacy Policy. Accordingly, we may transfer your Personal Data between our affiliates, and if Personal data that is transferred to a K&S affiliate in a country that 
            does not provide an adequate level of protection in respect of personal information and data privacy, we will take adequate measures designed to protect such Personal Data, 
            including ensuring that such transfers are subject to the terms of the European Union Model Clauses or other transfer mechanism as required under the 
            relevant data protection laws. 
     6.2 In compliance with the GDPR, we will never send your Personal Data outside of Europe and European Economic Area if such Personal Data is stored within 
            Europe and European Economic Area, with the aim to provide adequate protection of Personal Data in connection with storage and processing of data, 
            and in fulfilling your requests. 

7. Withdrawal, Access and Correction of your Personal Data 
     7.1 We respect your privacy rights and will provide you with reasonable access to your Personal Data. You can also ask us for a copy of information about 
            you and can ask for a copy of information about you provided in machine readable form if you reside in the European Union, California or such other 
            jurisdiction that provides you this right as a matter of law. 
     7.2 Should you wish to withdraw consent to use of your Personal Data or obtain access to or make corrections to your Personal Data records, 
            please contact the relevant Personal Data Protection Officer, contact details of which are found in Section 8 below. 
            At your request, we will ensure that any reference to your Personal Data shall be deleted or blocked in our database, subject at all times to Section 7.4 below. 
     7.3 Please note that if your Personal Data has been provided to us by a third party, you should contact such party directly to make any queries, 
            feedback, and access and correction requests to us on your behalf. 
     7.4 Please note that if you withdraw your consent to any or all use of your Personal Data, depending on the nature of your request, we may not be in a position to continue to 
            provide our services to you or administer any contractual relationship in place, and this may also result in the termination of any agreements with us and your being in breach of 
            your contractual obligations or undertakings, and our legal rights and remedies in such event are expressly reserved. 
8. Personal Data Protection Officer 

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, please contact our personal data protection officer at the following:
Attention: Global Data Protection Officer
                Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.
                1005 Virginia Drive, Fort Washington,
                Pennsylvania 19034 United States
9. Third Party Services 

Our Site may, from time to time and where applicable, contain features or links to web sites and services provided by third parties. 
Any information you provide on third-party sites or services is provided directly to the operators of such services and is subject to 
those operators’ policies, if any, governing privacy and security, even if accessed through our Site. 
We are not responsible for the content or privacy and security practices and policies of third-party sites or services to which links or access are provided through our Site. 
We encourage you to learn about third parties’ privacy and security policies before providing them with information.
10. Opt-Out and Managing Your Preferences 

You can choose whether or not you would like to receive email or newsletters from us. You may change your preferences at any time clicking the "unsubscribe" link 
at the bottom of each email or newsletter you receive from us. You may also choose not to receive mail or phone communications by emailing us at the email 
prescribed in Section 8 above and specifying that this is your preference.
11. Your Rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) 

If you are a California resident, you may request that K&S:
     11.1 Disclose to you the following information covering a twelve (12) month period preceding your request: 
          11.1.1 the categories and specific pieces of Personal Data we collected about you; 
          11.1.2 the categories of sources from which we collected such Personal Data; 
          11.1.3 the purpose for collecting your Personal Data; and 
          11.1.4  the categories of third parties to whom we may have disclosed your Personal Data. 
     11.2 Delete Personal Data we collected from you; and/or 
     11.3 Opt-out of any future communications by us to you. 

12. Protection and Security 
     12.1 We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the information and Personal Data submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. 
             We maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction, 
             accidental loss, unauthorized alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, misuse, and any other unlawful form of processing of the Personal Data in our possession. 
             This includes, for example, firewalls, password protection and other access and authentication controls. 
     12.2 However, no method of transmission is 100% secure. We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information including Personal Data 
             you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk. We also cannot guarantee that such information including Personal Data may not be accessed, 
             disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards. If you believe your Personal Data has been compromised, 
             please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer at Section 8 above. 
     12.3 If we have knowledge of a security systems breach, we will inform you and the authorities of the occurrence of the breach to the extent required under the applicable laws. 

13. Changes and Updates 

Please visit this page periodically to stay aware of any changes to our Privacy Policy, which we may update from time to time. Your continued use after the revised Privacy Policy 
has become effective (as per the effective date appearing at the top of this Privacy Policy) indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to the current version of this Privacy Policy.
14. General 
     14.1 Your consent that is given pursuant to this Privacy Policy is additional to and does not supersede any other consents that you had provided to K&S 
             with regard to processing of your Personal Data. 
     14.2 If you have any complaints regarding our compliance with this Privacy Policy, please contact us first. 
             We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of Personal Data in accordance with 
             this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the applicable laws. 
     14.3 We will certainly strive to deal with any complaint or grievance that you may have speedily and fairly. 
     14.4 This Privacy Policy shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Singapore.