Taking looping performance to the next level

ARCUS™ is a solution that is recommended for: stacked die, quad-tier, and other complex, tight tolerance devices.
ARCUS™ Key Attributes:
  • FP & UFP designs, for 100 BPP and below
  • Specially designed to improve looping stability and helps to reduce looping failures
  • Fits Gold and Copper wire applications 
ARCUS™ Major Benefits:
  • Superior wire loop reliability and enhanced repeatability - higher yields
  • Minimizes wire sagging and other common wire challenges - excellent loop formation
  • Improved productivity (MTBA) - maximum productivity 
Other Features:
  • Packaging challenges: Wire looping failures and stability
  • BPP range [μm]: [45 - 100]
  • WD range [mil]: [0.8 - 1.2]

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