Advanced solution in fine copper wire bonding

CuPRA 3G™ is an advanced solution in fine copper wire bonding, which delivers excellent bonding, extended lifespan, and an improved workability with any copper wire type.
CuPRA 3G Key Attributes:
  • ITA Ceramics - a new material for longer lifespan
  • GIC - a new inner chamfer type for improved workability
  • CuPRA 3G new tip machining process

CuPRA 3G Major Benefits:
  • Improved cost-of-ownership thanks to a longer capillary lifespan and better workability
  • Improved manufacturing productivity (MTBA) thanks to the proven mature granular technology CuPRA 3G capillary lifespan can be extended by an average 3 times compared to CuPRAplus
Other Features:
Packaging challenges: Fine copper wire bonding
BPP range [μm]: [45 - 100]
WD range [mil]: [0.6 - 1.5]

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