Vertical Wire Bonding Solution

K&S Bonder-Capillary Proven Solution Benefits

For Various IC Packaging Challenges Associated with

  • Interconnect for high density packages on wafer or substrate
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for RF devices

The ProVertical Loop Process Enables

  • Vertically bonded wires per requirements - Target Wire Height & Form Angle
  • Minimized wire-to-wire pitch - No second bond knicking on substrate or wafer
  • Reduced capillary-wire interference risk - Robust process linked to capillary geometry
  • Improved overall process yield - Productivity (UPH) improvement of up to 5%

The Vertical Wire Bonding Capillary

  • Design optimized - per package constrains (access restrictions, breakage risk) and physical properties (material, geometrical)
  • Performance predicted - by design configurator specifically developed for vertical wire formation process

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