latest technology for gold wire bonding

iCap™ is a solution that goes beyond limits with a longer lifespan, improved productivity, and lower cost-of-ownership.
iCap™ Key Attributes:
  • Special material composition - iZA
  • Upgraded manufacturing process to enable better control of grains properties
  • Unique design rules for improved dynamic behavior stability
iCap™ Major benefits:
  • Improved productivity (MTBA) thanks to reduction in bonding failure
  • iCap's lifespan is 4 times longer than the reference capillary at mass production conditions
Other Features:
  • Packaging challenges: Capillary cost-of-ownership (Life & MTBA)
  • BPP range [μm]: [40 - 120]
  • WD range [mil]: [0.6 - 1.3]

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