capillary solution for advanced memory & logic devices

TeraCap™ is the latest capillary series for advanced memory and logic devices packaging using either gold or silve wire.
TeraCap™ Major Benefits:
  • ​Excellent bonding and looping consistency (yield)
  • Superior workability (MTBA - more bonds per hour)
  • Extended durability (more bonds per capillary)

TeraCap™ Key Attributes:
  • ​​New iZX high quality composite ceramics
  • Tighter control over critical dimensions -0/+1 [μm]
  • Designed specifically for various memory devices structures (stacked, deep access, overhang), and bonding modes
TeraCap™ Application Range:
  • Bond pad pitch [μm]: 40 - 120
  • Wire diameter [μm]: 15 - 33
  • Wire type: any gold and silver alloy wire
  • Device types: any memory and logic devices

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