Copper capillary for High-pin count applications

ACS Pro™ is a new generation of copper capillary based on strong material development and application knowledge, which offers great operation benefits for advanced copper wire bonding applications.
ACS Pro Key Attributes: 
  • Ultra fine pitch design fit - a new material for longer lifespan
  • New ITX™ material - superior properties of advanced processing ceramics, enhances the capillary workability and usable life
  • High precision key features - controlled to satisfy the most critical responses of fine copper wire bonding requirements

ACS Pro Major Benefits:
  • Excellent bond-ability control with fine wire diameters
    • Advanced design rules to maintain 1st and 2nd bond quality over time
  • Improved process portability and response consistency
    • Design dynamics to ease the limited copper process window
    • Consistent performance for smooth production fan-out
  • Competitive cost-of-ownership
    • Enhanced workability to help productivity
    • Improved material wear resistance for challenging processes
ACS Pro Best Fit Range:
  • Bond pad pitch range: 40 – 69 [μm]
  • Copper wire diameter range: 0.6 – 1.0 [mil]
  • Copper wire type: Any
  • Advanced package carrier families, such as BGAs

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