Environmental Aspects

K&S assesses the Environmental Aspects and Impacts of our activities, products, or services which can interact with the environment.

Processes are in place to:

  • Identify environmental aspects of our activities, products, and services.
  • Evaluate significance to environmental impacts based on the aspects identified.
  • Set objectives and targets to manage and improve the significant environmental impacts.

Environmental Aspects are reviewed periodically or when there are new, or changes in materials, products, processes, legislations, and/or site facility moves.

Resource Conservation

K&S is committed to conserve energy and paper resources and has goals set to achieve:

  • Reduction in electricity consumption by 2% per fiscal year; and
  • Reduction in paper usage by 3% per fiscal year

Some of the initiatives done to reduce electricity consumption:
  • Setting up an Energy Efficiency Committee;
  • Optimizing equipment energy usage and air compressor efficiency;
  • Reducing electricity usage in the factory; and
  • Exploring energy saving lighting and technology

Some of the initiatives done to reduce paper usage:
  • Setting up a Paper Reduction Committee;
  • Communicate and create awareness of the importance in paper reduction;
  • Implementing paperless processes and manufacturing;
  • Monitor paper usage by department; and
  • Improving printer usage reporting for better control

Waste Management

K&S has a goal set to achieve waste recycling above 40% each year.

Some of the initiatives done to reduce paper usage:

  • Setting up a Waste Recycling Committee;
  • Implementing recycling bins through the facilities;
  • Communicating proper recycling waste segregation, monitoring, and improving waste recycling;
  • Optimizing process to reduce or recycle waste quantity; and
  • Encouraging employee involvement

K&S Sustainability Report

Download to read the full report for 2019.