Resource Conservation

K&S is committed to conserve energy and paper resources and has goals set to achieve:

  • Reduction in electricity consumption by 2% per fiscal year; and
  • Reduction in paper usage by 3% per fiscal year

Some of the initiatives done to reduce electricity consumption:
  • Installing sequencer for the air compressors
  • Optimizing air intake and humidity control to clean room HVAC
  • Installing solar films on office windows to reduce heat from the sun

Some of the initiatives done to reduce paper usage:
  • Implementing paperless processes across the various sites and organizations
  • Implementing badging for improved tracking
  • Upgrading paper usage reporting software for enhanced data analytics

Waste Management

K&S has a goal set to achieve waste recycling above 50% each year.

Some of the initiatives done to improve waste recycling:

  • Further breakdown of waste into waste stream life cycle
  • Disposing waste through waste to energy (WTE) incineration plants to reduce greenhouse gases

K&S Sustainability Report

Download to read the full report for 2020.