Corporate Policy

We manage our sustainability matters through our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Policy that identifies four strategic areas where we aim to continue driving our efforts in creating positive change, while minimizing negative impacts.

Global Sustainability Committee 

With the new CSR framework, K&S has adopted an ESG structure for governance of its sustainability commitments. The revised committee comprises of leadership representatives from the four CSR pillars, supported by management leads who are responsible for driving the objectives of their respective focus areas throughout all K&S sites. An Executive Leadership Team (ELT) member provides vision and sponsorship over each of the four pillars by reviewing disclosed metrics and initiatives to meet the set goals and targets.

Integrated Management Systems

K&S is certified to the integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (QEHS) Management System (MS), enabling the achievement of harmonized objectives worldwide.

Following are the scope of certification and certificates awarded (click to view) to each of K&S sites: