Integrated Management Systems

K&S is certified to the integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (QEHS) Management System (MS), enabling the achievement of harmonized objectives worldwide.

Following are the scope of certification and certificates awarded (click to view) to each of K&S sites:

Business Continuity

Kulicke & Soffa's Business Continuity Management provides a framework for building organizational resilience with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of K&S' key stakeholders, reputation, brand, and value-creating activities.

Designed to facilitate the resumption of our business operations arising from a disaster scenario which impacts the business operations through the activation of he Business Continuity Plan (BCP), is unique to each K&S location.

Disaster scenarios accessed for BCP mitigation:

  • Denial of access or loss of key Facilities
  • Prolonged unavailability of computing services, voice, or data communications
  • Labor shortages, epidemics, or pandemics
  • Unavailability of key internal or external suppliers

The BCP is maintained regularly by reviewing existing processes, conducting BCP exercises, and continually improving the processes.

Engaging Our Stakeholders

K&S plans to improve engagement through proactive Materiality Assessment.

Employees's key concerns are on the topics of human rights through equal provision of benefits, training opportunities, as well as health and safety

  • K&S to ensure competitive remuneration and benefits are provided to all employees and engaged through an employee survey conducted once every two years
  • K&S to maintain a holistic training and development program for career progression and to encourage work-life balance through annual educational site visits and voluntary activities
  • K&S to communicate with employees through various channels to gather feedback via email correspondence and updates posted on intranet or noticeboards regularly

Customers' key concerns are on the topics of receiving products that are safe and compliant to all regulations at competitive pricing
  • A customer satisfaction survey is conducted once every three years to help dedicated K&S customer service teams understand the level of customer satisfaction and better manage after sales services
  • K&S to maintain robust quality management system in line with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 18001, and OHSAS 14001

Suppliers's key concerns are on the topics of building and maintaining good and long-term business relationship with K&S
  • K&S conducts quarterly business review with key suppliers on their deliverables
  • K&S to ensure that all suppliers are in compliance with K&S' Supplier Code of Conduct and Business Ethics through on-site audits and training programs

Shareholders / investors' key concerns are on the topics of the long-term business growth of K&S resulting in positive financial performace
  • K&S to maintain Investor Relations website with updated financial-related news and announcements
  • K&S to ensure periodic and transparent communications of financial and non-financial information through vaious channels such as, annual reporting and meetings with shareholders

Government / Regulators / Certification Bodies' key concerns are on the topics of implemention and enforcement of standards and regulatory requirements in countries of operations
  • K&S to comply with all fair trade, workplace health and safety regulations, as well as environmental responsibilities

NGOs / NPOs' key concerns are on the topics of K&S' social responsibilities to the local communities and environment as a manufacturing company
  • K&S to ensure timely, transparent, and prompt information disclosure through public relations initiatives

Communities' key concerns are on the topics of the provision of goods and services to the communities through various initiatives
  • K&S to organize and/or participate at various local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events across six countries through various activities such as monetary or blood donation drives, fundraising events, and training & empowerment programs for youths

Sustainability Governance

Established in 2015, the K&S Global Sustainability Committee comprises of key management personnel and the supporting departments located across six global sites. The K&S Executive Leadership Team manages and sets the direction of the Global Sustainability Committee that is responsible for ensuring that actions are taken in achieving the targets set.

K&S Sustainability Report

Download to read the full report for 2018.