Corporate Policy

We manage our sustainability matters through our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Policy which identifies three strategic areas where we aim to continue driving our efforts in creating positive change while minimizing negative impacts.

  • Provide development opportunities and build an inclusive workplace
  • Treat employees with dignity and respect
  • Give back to our communities
  • Monitor the supply chain to ensure conflict minerals are not used
  • Foster a healthy, safe work environment and culture
  • Invest in R&D projects to enable a smart future
  • Innovate sustainable high-quality products
  • Deliver first-rate business and financial growth
  • Promote ethical & compliant business practices
  • Improve QEHS integrated management system
  • Maintain an effective business continuity management system
  • Annual sustainability reporting
  • Manage an effective enterprise risk assessment program
  • Restrict the use of hazardous substances
  • Conserve resources and optimize material use
  • Reduce waste and recycle

Global Sustainability Committee 

K&S has adopted an ESG structure for the governance of its sustainability commitments. The revised ESG Council comprises sub-components overseen by organizational leads, with each lead providing regular updates on status and planned initiatives to defined ESG Council workstreams. The ESG Council workstreams provide quarterly reporting to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), with the Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC) of the K&S Board of Directors receiving summary reports on a semi-annual basis. The NGC maintains ultimate oversight of all ESG activities and is responsible for reviewing and overseeing the K&S ESG strategy, policies, and performance.

Through this structure, the Board has oversight of the impacts the organization has on its stakeholders and the environment.

Board of Directors
Nominating and Governance Committee
Executive Oversight
Executive leaders from Legal, Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Strategy, Capital Equipment Business Unit, and Operations
ESG Council
Leaders from Environmental Health & Safety, Quality, Operations, Capital Equipment Business Unit, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Strategy, Finance and Legal

Integrated Management Systems

K&S is certified in integrated Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety (QEHS) Management System (MS), enabling the achievement of harmonized objectives worldwide.

Following are the scope of certificates awarded (click to view) to each of K&S sites:

  • Singapore: Design and manufacture of bonding equipment, electronic assembly equipment, and expendable tools for the Semiconductor industry and SMT industry
  • Fort Washington, PA, USA and Santa Ana, CA, USA: Design of bonding equipment for the Semiconductor industry
  • Suzhou, China and Haifa, Israel: Design and manufacture of expendable tools for the Semiconductor industry
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands: Design and manufacture of bonding equipment, and electronic assembly equipment for the semiconductor industry and SMT industry
  • Taipei, Taiwan: Sales, design, manufacture and after-sales service of automation equipment

K&S Sustainability Report

Download to read the full report for 2022.