Wedge Bond Consumables

Cutters, Wire & Ribbon Guides

K&S cutter blades are designed to harmonize with our transducers and bond heads. They are made from high performance, tempered steel, and offer competitive pricing to reduce cost-of-ownership.

Cutters are used to partially terminate the wire or ribbon prior to breaking the remaining portion. This step is only required for large wire bonding and PowerRibbon®. All current systems are designed to cut all wire sizes with two cutter dimensions, indicated by dash numbers (-1 and -2). A sharp cutter is an important factor for bond quality and tail control.

K&S wire guides are designed and fully optimized for our ultrasonic transducers and bond heads. They guide the bonding wire to the face of the wedge bonding tool. The wire guides are made from a friction and abrasion-reducing polymer. K&S offers wire guides for a wide range of wire sizes, machine types and applications.

Wire and ribbon guides are used to guide ribbon or wire to the bond tool, and to form the loop between bonds.

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